BMW-SMG-RepairWe repair and recondition SMG pumps for BMW M3’s, As we are well aware the price for a brand new pump is very expensive from main dealers. Our pumps are fully tested and reconditioned before dispatch, we run an exchange service, so once we receive your pump we will send you a fully reconditioned pump, which we’ve tested all solenoids, change temperature sensors and oil sensors and reconditioned the electric motor. After doing so we make sure we test all units to make sure they are in working order. All our units are offered with 1 or 2 years warranty options.

How to find out if your pump is at fault, common pump failures are as following

  • Intermittent running when hot
  • Low Pressure
  • Not engaging 1st Gear
  • Not engaging Reverse after starting up

INPA / ISTA Code which point to the pump being bad.

21 (0x21) Pump relay control

53 (0x35) Low level of pressure reached

54 (0x36) Exceeding pressure range

55 (0x37) Switching on frequency of hydraulic unit

Please make sure that you diagnose the problem properly, these are the most common faults alongside many others, as a general you require a BMW tool to make the diagnoses properly, once unit is fitted into the vehicle you will require a tool to be able to bleed the system.

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