locked keys in car

Locked keys inside the car

If you’ve had the mishap of locking your keys inside the car then you’ve come to the right place we can help. Doesn’t matter if the keys are out of sight either in the boot or in the back of the van we can use our non destructive tools to gain entry to the vehicle without causing any damage.

We cover loads of different makes and models in gaining entry services. Some vehicles we can lock pick open and then retrieve your keys. Some vehicles we have to cut a key to the vehicle then we can use the key to gain entry to the vehicle.
Gaining access to the car could take anything from 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending which method we have to use on the specific vehicle.

Our locksmiths are very well experienced in gaining entry and will advise you which entry method has to be used.
Locking the keys inside the car happens to everyone once in a lifetime, we are here to make that experience as quick and efficient as possible.
Depending of the time of the day we expect to the get to you within 1 hour of the first point of contact.

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One thought on “locked keys in car

  1. Raf Romford Post author

    Locked my keys inside the car, after calling around quite a few locksmiths most told me they don’t deal in Mercedes some said they don’t cover my area in Battersea called these guys within 10 minuets the car was opened and was able to carry on with my day. Will use them again, hopefully I don’t lock the keys inside ever again.

    Raf, Romford


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