Our Auto Key Squad

Our Auto Key Squad

Our team here at Abacus keys have been locksmiths for many years; between our key squad we have experience on different sides of the locksmithing world. Some are better at lock out jobs which means gaining entry without causing any damage to the vehicle, our most preferred method is via lock picking. That vehicle allows us to gain entry thinking we’ve open the lock using the key in turn causing no damage to the car or its locks.

We have one technician which prefers to carry out lost key jobs he can cover all the Mercedes, BMW jobs, jobs which most people in the trade don’t have the knowledge or the tools to carry out the work.

We have the people in the call centre that answers the calls, estimates the time for arrivals and makes sure the locksmith’s day runs as smooth as possible.

We have Steve who can put locks together and adjust the bitting on the locks to warn our keys e.g. common problem with the older Ford locks.

We believe that we have the best auto key squad in our industry all our employees are very knowledge and have a great know-how altitude to their job. End of the day we understand that locking yourself out of the vehicle or losing your vehicles keys is not a pleasant experience and we will do all we can to make sure that your experience is as best as can be.

If you’re having trouble with your keys feel free to call us and we will be able to assist.