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locked keys in car

Locked keys inside the car

If you’ve had the mishap of locking your keys inside the car then you’ve come to the right place we can help. Doesn’t matter if the keys are out of sight either in the boot or in the back of the van we can use our non destructive tools to gain entry to the vehicle without causing any damage.

We cover loads of different makes and models in gaining entry services. Some vehicles we can lock pick open and then retrieve your keys. Some vehicles we have to cut a key to the vehicle then we can use the key to gain entry to the vehicle.
Gaining access to the car could take anything from 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending which method we have to use on the specific vehicle.

Our locksmiths are very well experienced in gaining entry and will advise you which entry method has to be used.
Locking the keys inside the car happens to everyone once in a lifetime, we are here to make that experience as quick and efficient as possible.
Depending of the time of the day we expect to the get to you within 1 hour of the first point of contact.

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Auto Locksmith London

Abacus car locksmith is here to help with all your vehicle car locksmith issues throughout London, Essex, Kent and Surrey. We cover many different services including broken keys, locked out of the car, lost car keys and replacement car keys.

We stock a large amount of car keys and transponders which means we can come to you and get all the work carried out on site without the need to tow your vehicle to a garage.

We understand the stress that losing or breaking your keys can cause so we try to get as professional and efficient as we can be to make sure we deliver the best possible service.

All our locksmiths have been providing our services for many years and are very professional we’ve helped over 5,000 customers throughout London, Essex, Kent and Surrey whom have had car locksmith issues over the years.

Give us a call today and we will try our best to help with all your issues.

Why pick us?

• As we operate mobile we will come on site and get your vehicle back up and running

• Our aim is to help you get your car keys on the same day

• Our service is affordable and efficient

• Our non-damaging systems and methods empower you to get your car keys quick, without any harm to your vehicle.

• We coverage a massive range of vehicles compared to some other locksmiths

Call us today for a free quote & we’ll be able to assist you.

Lost car key

We operate a lost car keys service throughout the whole of London, If you’ve lost the key to your vehicle then we can normally help within the same day we stock a massive range of remote and non remote keys.

We cover more makes and models then most locksmiths including Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Mercedes, Vauxhall, Ford, Fiat and Toyota.

We operate in London, Essex, Surrey and parts of Kent, call us with your location and we’d be able to tell you if you are in one of our areas of coverage.

We understand that losing the keys to your vehicle is a stressful event and we try to provide the best possible service in the less stressful way possible. Are prices are competitive.

Our locksmiths have all come from different auto related industries so we can help and advice on different issues we offer a wide range of services for vehicles feel free to ask the locksmiths some more questions if required.

What services we can offer:

Broken and replacement car keys
Lost transponder chips

Keys locked in boot

Locked out of the car

We carry all the latest equipment which means we will not have to replace any locks on the vehicle we will cut a key for the current lock in the vehicle. We can delete old keys from the system which means these keys will no longer be able to start the engine. We will then code your new keys into the vehicle to make sure that only you can start the engine and in turn off the immobilizer.

Call us today for a quick free and affordable quote. A big advantage over using our service then the main dealers would be that we carry out our service as a mobile service which means we get the work done on the site of the road without having to tow the car anywhere.