BMW lost keys & Replacement service

We provide car key replacement for all BMW’s, even if you’ve lost the keys to your car we can help make a BMW replacement car key. We cover the whole of London and parts of Essex, Kent & surrey. We stock a wide range of BMW remote keys.

Different services we can provide

Keys locked inside the car, so if your locked out of your key call us and we will be able to help. It’s common on BMW for people to lock their keys inside the boot, due to the fact the remote has 3 buttons, if the vehicle is fully locked and you hit the boot release to just open the boot, then once you close the boot again, you will not be able to remove the key as the key is now stuck inside the boot with a locked car, we will be able to either lock pick the boot or cut a key to open the boot.

Lost all keys for BMW – We can provide a key even if you lost all the keys you had for the vehicle.

You currently have a remote not working, its very common for BMW remote to stop opening and closing the vehicle after a few years, reason being they use rechargeable batteries which can’t be replaced, so after time the remote function of the key, can no longer be used.

BMW spare key – we can provide spare keys for all the BMW’s on the road today even if they use the smart looking keys which you push into the dashboard. We are able to program most keys, so feel free to contact us for key programming issues.

All our locksmiths arBMW remote keyse fully trained and qualified to deal with the complicated procedures that come with programming keys to these vehicles. We operate a mobile service which means we will carry out the work on site, there is no need to tow the car (which will save you money).

We provide our lost car key services and spare car keys for most BMW’s including 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7 series, X5, X6, Z3, Z4 and many more feel free to contact us for more information.


Common issues:

  • Keys locked inside the boot or keys locked inside the car, due to the way that these vehicles are designed if you close the boot and happen to leave the only set of keys you have inside the boot, even if the front doors of the car are open you will not be able to access the boot. We will be able to open the boot to retrieve the keys without any damage to the vehicle or its locks.
  • The key will turn on the door lock but the door will not open.
  • Current key is not working requires programming.

On the older BMW’s as a general rule from 2005 and under which use a diamond shaped 3 button remote with the blade, to program a key to the car it’s a different process to most cars, these vehicles don’t allow the keys to be program via OBD port, the keys have to be coded directly in the EWS3 or the CAS unit.

On the newer models which use a push in key and have a start button, those depending on the software version inside the CAS can be programmed via OBD port.

2 thoughts on “BMW lost keys & Replacement service

  1. Nuno Post author

    Silly me only had one key for my car and locked the keys inside the car, searched for a BMW locksmith in Clapham and called Abacuskeys, they arrived on site within the space of an hour I had a new set of keys and they managed to retrieve the keys from the boot. I hope I don’t need to use them any time soon but if I do I will use them again.

  2. admin Post author

    I search all over the internet for BMW replacement keys, after quite a well searching I come across this website and within a few hours I had a new key and was up an going, they done a great job replacing my keys.


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