BMW Idrive Repairs

We provide a professional  services to repair all the BMW I-drives (IDRIVE)

BMW idrive repairs

As some of you may be aware there’s quite a few factory problems with the CCC idrive unit

Here are some of the common problems we can repair:

The screen is locked on the BMW logo and doesn’t allow you to enter the main menu

Someones has attempted a software upgrade now the system is stuck on BMW logo, we would be able to re-flash the software onto the unit.

The screen turns on and off sometimes you can get a few minuets use then it restarts again

The unit seems to work when the vehicle is cold and once it warms up it stops working.

The CCC unit is completely dead there’s in no power coming from the unit. More often then not only happens when someone has tried to repair the unit and was unsuccessful or the unit has been failing for quite some time.

Unit works for the first 5 seconds then sound cuts out 20 seconds later or so sound comes back and goes again, sound keeps cutting in/out. Also a common problem which we will be able to repair.

If you have a different type of issue feel free to contact us and we will do our up most to help.

If you’re in the London area we can offer a mobile repair service which means that we will come and get the work carried out on site if your outside the London area you can either drive to us to get the work carried out, or you can remove the BMW CCC Idrive unit yourself there are many guides on line on how to remove these units quite a straightforward job.

Here are some of the part numbers we can repair

6583 6951 856
6583 9138444-01
6583 6974 913-02
6583 6953773
6583 9138436
6583 6957599
6583 9138444
6583 9138444-01

There part numbers can be found on the 520,525, 530 & 535, E60 models, also on the BMW E63 & E64’s 630 & 645 Some of these part numbers cross over to the BMW E90 & E92’s.

If you’d like instead we can sell you a second hand unit on an exchange basis which means you will receive a unit that’s had all the work carried out and ready to plug in and would work.

Here is an example of a unit which we repaired.


Any questions feel free to contact us.




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  1. Paul Post author

    Recently Had a problem with my iDrive was driving me crazy I tried all types of resets, hold 2 buttons etc, Mine is the professional edition and sometimes it would work for a day then it failed for another was driving me up the wall, googled my issue and found abacus and they done a great job been a few month and no problem at all.


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